Dec 21, 2012

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Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 11

Is this love? Is this what love feels like? I hope so, because watching this episode felt great! I cannot believe how things went down. This episode confirmed, to me at least, that there’s definitely going to be a third season. This was the eleventh episode already, so the next episode should end it all? I think not. There’s still show much to come. Please god, let there be more in the future!

[Zero-Raws] Jormungand Perfect Order - 23 (BS11 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_05.39_[2012.12.20_23.41.50]The episode continue with Jonah holding Koko at gunpoint. That was great. It’s a shame he’s such a coward right now. Things could’ve gone a lot worse if he weren’t. Still, letting Koko get too close and take your gun is a bit too much, even if Jonah had a gun pointed at him too. Besides, what Koko said may have been true; Jormungand wouldn’t have been stopped if Jonah were to shoot her. It would’ve been a waste. That’s probably why Jonah decided to take the high road and leave Koko’s crew. Excellent twist!

[Zero-Raws] Jormungand Perfect Order - 23 (BS11 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_18.36_[2012.12.20_23.42.39]I don’t know why, but I already had this annoying feeling that Jonah would soon end up joining Kasper. After all, he’s the only other arms dealer he knows that would employ him. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that Kasper was stalking Koko though, which proved once and for all that Kasper’s on guard, too. He wanted to know more about his sister’s plans.

The ideal ending, for me at least, would be that a year or three passed, Koko’s plan still hadn’t been realized and Jonah had grown up into a fine, young and strong guy. A meeting between those two at that point would’ve been great, but I suppose that sounds a bit too cliché to some of you out there, huh? Jonah’s probably going straight back to Koko after realizing that Kasper’s a lot more aggressive than she is. I haven’t asked for much this year, so all I’m asking right now is for a great ending!

Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 11 screencaps

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