Oct 28, 2012

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K episode 04

Strange and fun, that is the only way I could summary this week’s episode. I thought that Kuroh had given up on killing Yashiro for the time being, until he got the chance to find out what really happened during New Year’s Eve. I never thought that he would stick around like bubble gum, waiting for Yashiro to prove his innocence to him.

It’s was a complicated episode. The entire episode revolved around proving Yashiro’s innocence. He was positive that he didn’t kill anyone. He went from person to person, asking them if they saw during New Year’s Eve. It was worth the try, but nobody remembered. Yashiro didn’t even show up in the photos, until Kukuri, Yashiro’s beloved friend, whipped out her phone and showed them a picture of Yashiro that she took just after midnight. That made Kuroh think that Yashiro couldn’t have killed that person on top of that building and come back to school within half an hour to have his picture taken.

It’s really too bad, but it seems that Yashiro’s problem are just beginning. Not only are people still looking for him, but he actually found clothes with blood on them. He started remember things. He started to doubt his own innocence. It is a matter of time before we find out what really happened.

I can’t wait for the next episode! I will be interesting to find out how Yashiro will cope with the information he obtained. The biggest fool is Neko-chan, seeing as she really believes in his innocence. I want to see her reaction above everyone else’s (if it turns out that he really did kill that guy).

K episode 04 screencaps

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