Nov 4, 2012

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K episode 05

What a disappointing episode. There was some action, I suppose… But, I feel as though things haven’t really progressed during this particular episode. It was pretty dull and predictable, which is probably why the overall ratings for K-Project have dropped with almost half a point.

I was confident that this week’s episode would focus more on Yashiro’s little problem. Kuroh may have given up on killing him (for now), but he somehow recovered a memory of him actually killing someone. I thought that he was either going to freak out or try to remember more of what happened that day. But no, the episode didn’t even focus on any of that.

The only thing that this episode focus on was Misaki and Rikio, two of the red king’s henchmen. They encountered Saruhiko, a former member of their clan that betrayed them at some point to join the blue king’s ‘posse’. A pointless fight broke out that lasted a minute or two. They were interrupted by Seri, quite possibly one of the hottest-looking characters to date (in my humble opinion).

There’s not much more I can say about this episode. It didn’t cover anything. They all came to the school to find Yashiro. It’s too bad that they left without finding him. I think it could be interesting to see how those three would react. It’s a given that Neko will defend her (boy)friend, but what about Kuroh? I’m pretty sure that he would defend him too to some degree. He is anxious to see how Yashiro will turn out. He invested a lot of time in that, so I’m sure that he would want to protect his investment. The only problem would be Yashiro, a guy with no powers.

K episode 05 screencaps

  1. great ep!

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