Nov 11, 2012

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K episode 06

Finally! It’s not like I actually wanted him to, but it’s about time that Yashiro started to worry about his past. Let’s face it, guys; everyone would get worried if a person gets killed by someone that looks exactly like you. It was ridiculous to see him so carefree after he saw that clip. This looks a lot better now.

The strangest thing about this episode would be that very few people seem to remember Yashiro now. Last week everybody knew who he was, yet very few people seem to remember him now. Even Kukuri-chan, one of his classmates and closest friends, didn’t even remember. Did I miss something here? I would love to have this explained. Perhaps I should watch this week’s and last week’s episode again?  I don’t know.

It had gotten to a point where even Neko left him. Neko, his beloved cat-girl that always stayed by his side. I didn’t really get that either. Are people finally starting to realize that he’s the colourless king? If so, does that mean that he’s an evil king? I only ask that because the red king, Mikoto, isn’t actually evil. His powers, his flame, can only be used to protect people. The only reason he acts like that is because someone killed his friend.

It will be very interesting to see what happens from now on. It all comes down to this; Yashiro is still trying to found out more about himself while being chased by multiple kings and their henchmen. His friend-count keeps decreasing and it seems like he’s about to panic. It’s also a matter of time before Kuroh, the guy that tried to kill him because he looks like the colourless king, figures it out. I’m not saying that Kuroh will automatically kill him, although that’s probably what he will try to do, but there’s a chance that he has grown accustomed to Yashiro by that time. Everything’s possible, I guess. All we can do is wait and see.

K episode 06 screencaps

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