Nov 25, 2012

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K episode 08

Woooh! It’s starting to get really good! The predictability has been drastically reduced and the story is better than ever. Good job, K-Project! I would still like to change Yashiro’s personality though. He’s just way too passive. I don’t think it would do the story bad to make him a little bit more aggressive.

I was hopeful at first. Yashiro regained (some of) his memories during this episode, so I immediately though that his personality would change. He called the Blue King, made a little deal with him and even ended up escaping a surprise attack. I thought for sure that Yashiro had changed. But no, he was the same old idiot with a girl’s voice.

I was happy, you know. He decided that it was time to take matters into his own hands by getting the Blue King to apprehend the Silver King. His own hands would’ve been clean while the Blue King did all the dirty work. Yeah, that’s what I thought at first. Isn’t that just a little bit sad?

Now, this Silver King, Adolf, looked a lot like Yashiro. Cut that long hair of his and you have a match, probably. Could it be that he was actually the one that murdered the Red King’s friend? Like I said, the level predictability is very low here, so I can only make stupid guesses at this point, which makes me a little bit happier, actually.

There is so much more that I want to say and even more that I want to ask. I’m not though. I’m pretty sure that all my questions will get answered during next week’s episode. Besides, I don’t want my mailbox full of mails from readers that know that answers. I prefer to be surprised next week!

K episode 08 screencaps

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