Dec 2, 2012

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K episode 09

Did this episode really have to be so complicated? It’s quite clear that they’re trying to point the viewers in the wrong direction, merely so that they can surprise everyone later on with a twist in the story. No, no, no… You won’t fool me! I can see what’s going on here…!

They start the episode out with a history lesson about Adolf and how he got to be the Silver King. He used to be a (brilliant) scientist that was trying to harvest these powers for the benefit of all humanity. Needless to say that he failed. His sister, a woman that resembles Seri-chan like two drops of water, which is probably why he remained so close to the city all this time (?), died in the process. They didn’t really show how she died, but she did. That was the turning point. That was when he became the strange king, the immortal king.

I could go on for hours, but the real point of this post is that Mikoto has broken free. Let’s face it; he was never really a prisoner. He could’ve broken free whenever he wanted to, and Reisi, the Blue King, probably couldn’t have stopped him either without getting hurt. That just goes to show that it’s pointless when two somewhat equal powers fight each other. They just end up destroying the place without a definite outcome.

The only reason Mikoto left was because he was approached by the person responsible for his friend’s death. I still refuse to believe that Yashiro’s responsible. He may be a sly dog, but not a murderous one. Besides, he already got most of his memories back, so he knows he didn’t do it (I think?). One thing is for sure; the culprit definitely goes to the same school as him, so maybe he’s been framed? I’m pretty sure we’re going to find out next week.

K episode 09 screencaps

  1. not the best episode of the series by far

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