Dec 28, 2012

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K episode 13

Must. Keep. Tears. Inside. Head! Damn, now this is what I call a season finale! I say this because the second season for K / K-Project has officially been green-lit! The action throughout the episode was great and the drama near the end was superb. I definitely don’t mind watching another season of this. Hell, give me two more of them.

[NWTC] K - 13.mkv_snapshot_06.12_[2012.12.27_23.34.25]I like how Kuroh finally made up his mind about finally following Yashiro as his new king. It was a long time coming, after all. He must be crazy strong now too, seeing as the Red and Blue King’s clansmen had a really tough time dealing with him, and that’s when he didn’t possessed any of the powers that come with being a clansmen of the Silver King. Ahh~ I wanted to see him in action!

However, I didn’t like it when Yashiro allowed the Colourless King to enter his body, only to keep him prisoner there. I could somehow figure out what was going to happen next, seeing as he made it very clear that he was about to check up on the two fighting kings. One plus one is two, you know? Self-sacrifice is never pretty.

[NWTC] K - 13.mkv_snapshot_18.23_[2012.12.27_23.35.24]Anyway, he kept the Colourless King inside his body long enough for Mikoto, the Red King, to deal a fatal blow. That was the end of that. Yashiro nor the Colourless King were nowhere to be found. It didn’t take long for Reishi to take Mikoto’s life after his sword came crumbling down. Something about having kings killing one another so that the cycle may continue, I don’t know.

What’s important here is that Yashiro seems to be gone, Mikoto is gone and that there’s going to be another season! Now, Mikoto is definitely dead, which is a shame, because he was my favourite here, but I don’t think that Yashiro is too. We mustn’t forget that Yashiro is the Silver King, the immortal king. I’m sure he’ll pop up again during the second season. I can hardly wait!

K episode 13 screencaps

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