Nov 9, 2015

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K: Return of Kings episode 06

Okay, hell’s about to break loose. I may still have no idea what I can expect yet, but I have a feeling that the blue’s are not what they seem. They may be planning something to turn the current situation to their own advantage.

[Blaze077] K Return of Kings - 06 [720p][Softsubbed].mkv_snapshot_07.54_[2015.11.09_00.06.03]I’m just going to come out and say it. The current Blue King’s time is up for all I care. He has outlived his usefulness in my opinion and, although this is just my personal opinion, I feel as though he’s becoming this annoying character that could easily be replaced by another, better character that the viewers are fonder of. My money’s on Eri-chan. I’m not just saying that because she’s got a huge rack, a nice hipline and an ass that just won’t quit. I’m saying this because I think that she is truly incorruptible, even more so than the current Blue King.

[Blaze077] K Return of Kings - 06 [720p][Softsubbed].mkv_snapshot_21.19_[2015.11.09_00.06.30]Anyway, the Green King has made his move. He knows that he’s up against the Red King, the Blue King and the Silver King. He still rushed in because he thinks that he’ll win even though he’s up against three kings. That should give us, the viewer, a rough idea of how powerful this guy is. It makes you wonder how the hell he became that powerful in the first place, especially since Shiro-kun has been a king the longest.

Which side will win? That answer is obvious. The good will always stand victorious in the end. But that’s not what matters. What matters is everything that happens before we reach the end. I just want to see what Shiro-kun is capable of once and for all. Oh, and I also don’t mind seeing what that loli king (queen?) is capable of.

K: Return of Kings episode 06 screencaps

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