Dec 14, 2015

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K: Return of Kings episode 11

So this season is already coming to an end and I think I’ve waited long enough to say that I think that the first season was quite a bit better than this one. There was too much talk and stalling during this season.

[Blaze077] K Return of Kings - 11 [720p][Softsubbed].mkv_snapshot_12.18_[2015.12.13_23.47.27]Let’s take the first half of this episode; it was all talk. It was something that could’ve been covered in two minutes. The actual fight hasn’t even started yet. They took one episode and all that’s basically happened is Munakata and his crew showing up. That’s all. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of criticism for saying all this, but even die-hard fans cannot deny it.

To sum it all up; we will have an all-out battle next week, if all goes well and if they stop talking so damn much, between that Grey King and the Blue King and quite possibly also the Silver King and the Red King. Not to mention the Green King, whom supposedly can use his powers without a time limit now.

K: Return of Kings episode 11 screencaps

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