Dec 21, 2015

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K: Return of Kings episode 12

I’ll admit that I didn’t see this twist coming. Does that make up for everything? Not at all. This season is by no means better than the first one. This season lacked the impact that the first season had. That’s my opinion anyway.

[Blaze077] K Return of Kings - 12 [720p][Softsubbed].mkv_snapshot_13.59_[2015.12.20_23.33.08]What bothers me most is that Shiro-kun, the Silver King, still hasn’t shown us anything. We don’t know what he’s capable because we’ve never seem him fight seriously. The most he’s ever done is defend himself and his allies from a few attacks. I am truly bothered by that. I did not expect him to be all-powerful because he’s the Silver King, but I thought I could at least expect something…

As for that Blue King; I’m still not impressed. The former Red King was much, much better. At this point that Green King might actually be the best one. He has a goal and the ambition to see it through. The others are just going with the flow and do their best to uphold their own sense of justice. I almost feel like rooting for the Green King.

K: Return of Kings episode 12 screencaps

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