Aug 3, 2011

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Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel: Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise!!

No. Just no. I’ve watched the first two episodes, but that was my limit.

I tried watching the third episode, but I just couldn’t find the willpower. I’d like to point out that ‘Mahou Shoujo’ animes just aren’t my cup of tea.

It may look decent, but the storyline doesn’t interest me at all. Also, this show seems to be categorized as a Comedy, but all I saw was some dry humor that doesn’t even put a smile on my face.

Give me back the 40 minutes that I wasted on this!

Plot Summary: Haruka Minazuki and Aoi Kannazuki are freshman high school students and best friends. During the day they help with school activities but at night they thwart enemies like Black Auction and other villains as Red Angel and Blue Angel, the Twin Angel team.

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