Apr 7, 2014

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Kamigami no Asobi

You know, I might actually buy the Blu-Ray collection of Kamigami no Asobi. Yes, I’ll buy it so that I can sprinkle it with gasoline and light it on fire. It’s crap like this that needs to be burned with fire. The hotter the better.

Kamigami no AsobiThe artwork is just too much. They don’t focus on the girl as much as they do the boys. You actually saw scenes where the boys were glowing and surrounded by flowers. What the hell is up with that? It’s too obvious that they made this show primarily for girls.

How interesting can this story possibly be? A human girl is supposedly going to teach a class of young gods about humanity. Of course, normal gods won’t do. They all have to be “beautiful” young boys. Also, there can be only one girl…

Kill me. Thread carefully if you have a penis. This might not be for you. I’m sure your average girly-girl will love this, but it ends there. This just isn’t for me.

Plot Summary: Yui Kusanagi is ordered by Zeus, a god and the headmaster of a school he created, to teach the meaning of love to young and handsome gods. The reason he has for doing this is to cancel the negative effects of the weakening bond between the world of the divine and the world of the humans.

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