Aug 9, 2011

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Kamisama Dolls episode 06

Episode six already, how time flies..

So Kyouhei finally arrives  at his home town, the town he left a long time ago. Upon arrival they meet Utao’s mother, who let’s Utao rest on her legs.

So after having skipped the opening, you see Kyouhei meeting up with his old man, and he doesn’t seem all that happy about it. He runs down and meets up with Utao and their mother. Not too long after that you will find a hyperactive and loud girl yelling at kyouhei, followed by the appearance of her clingy younger sister, who clings to Utao for pretty much the entire episode. Oh, and the old man, who appears to be their chief of sorts, but who communicates only through that loudmouth.

So after that they went to fix Utao’s Doll, which was roughed up in the previous episode. It’s condition turned out to be mild, all vital parts turned out to be good.

At the end of the episode you’ll find that they managed to fix Utao’s doll. After the repairs they headed back home, using Utao’s doll as a mode of transportation. Hibino, however, doesn’t like to fly, so naturally things turned for the worst. They panicked which ended in Utao and Hibino almost falling off of the Doll, luckily Kyouhei managed to grab Hibino’s shirt, exposing her bra. And as for Utao, she managed to grab Hibino’s pants before plunging to her death, causing Hibino’s pants to almost drop off, exposing her panties, creating an ever bigger crisis for those three. Luckily Utao’s doll landed before the situation got even worse.

That was pretty much all the action in this entire episode, slow week for the Japanese, huh? Looking forwards to next week’s episode.

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