Sep 7, 2011

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Kamisama Dolls episode 10

I was waiting for this one. I sat down with a cheap bucket of popcorn and a glass of Pepsi, and man was it worth it .

So Mahiru showed up at the family reunion and attacked pretty much everyone but Kyouhei. She targeted Hibino specifically because Kyouhei showed some interest in her. Koushirou wanted to stop her using his doll, but Mahiru’s own doll was too strong. Mahiru’s doll has the ability to capture other dolls using some sort of force field. Once a doll gets captured inside that field, it loses the connection with its Seki, rendering it useless.

After a while Mahiru leaves and heads out for some building, where at the time Aki and his psychotic female fan Kuuko happened to be. That company called for Aki because they wanted to work together with him to create a better and more modern future with the use of their dolls. Mahiru suddenly comes crashing into the building, destroying half the room and kicked over some assistant because he wasn’t allowed to look. This is where the quarrel between Aki and Mahiru started.

I was extremely happy to see that they decided to show some of Kyouhei’s, Aki’s and Mahiru’s past. It turns out that when they were kids, that they went to investigate some cave where a four legged Kekkaishi slumbered. It turns out that that Kekkaishi didn’t need a Seki, it simply looked inside people’s minds. Aki approached the unknown Kekkaishi with the intention of keeping it for himself. But the Kekkaishi suddenly woke up and started attacking the three young Seki.

The three fled the cave with that Kekkaishi right on their tail. They didn’t stand a chance. All three of them attacked that Kekkaishi using their own dolls, but none of them was strong enough to defeat it. For a second there it looked like it was beaten, after Kyouhei used Kukuri’s long range attack. But that Kekkaishi was unharmed and still eager to kill. Kyouhei was worn out after protecting Aki and Mahiru, but that Kekkaishi was still advancing towards them. Kyouhei snapped the second that Kekkaishi initiated its attack. Kyouhei didn’t want to die nor see his own friends dead. In that moment he mustered enough willpower to open up Kukuri’s left arm for the first time, using its destructive power to defeat that Kekkaishi once and for all.

This is why Aki is so interested in Kyouhei and wants him on his side, and why Mahiru has such a huge crush on Kyouhei. Kyouhei saved both of them that day. For now it’s Utao that controls Kukuri, but something tells me that Kukuri is going to be Kyouhei’s again. After all… Aki’s doll returned to him too, even though it already had a master at the time. I cannot wait for next week’s episode!

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