Sep 21, 2011

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Kamisama Dolls episode 12

Geez, this episode was heavy. I was planning to go to bed, but I had several people nagging me to watch it immediately, it was supposedly that good. Truth be told, it really was, lol. It was so good that I actually decided to write about it right now, after having just seen the episode.

So the story continues with Hibino still tied to that bed, which I’m sure you perverts enjoyed, didn’t you!? But Kuuko came to her rescue at the last moment when he was about to rape her. Both of them tried to escape but the old man wouldn’t let them, so Kuuko pushed Hibino out the door and closed it behind her. Now that I find admirable, doesn’t change the fact she’s a psychopath though. She ends up wrestling the old man for the gun, but ends up killing him during their struggle. Now for some reason Kuuko dragged that perverted rapist, who had already woken up due to that gun shot, with her, pretending he was her lover or whatever. Nuts.

In the meanwhile Mahiru resumes her conflict with Hibino, but luckily for her the whole gang shows up just in the, again. Kyouhei tried talking some sense into her, but we all know Mahiru by now, she of course didn’t listen. She wanted Hibino gone, but Utao and Kukuri came between them. A bloody fight broke out between Utao and Mahiru, but what’s more surprising, is that Utao actually managed to defeat Miharu’s doll as soon as it tried to use Its special attack. Mahiru’s doll lost one of Its tentacle things and so it took longer for it to use Its attack. Utao realized that and used that bit of information to her advantage, using the extra seconds to attack that doll’s control system.

It was a clean hit and Mahiru’s doll was down, goes to show just how much Utao has grown. That doll didn’t stay down for too long though, for some reason it activated again and took a hold of Hibino. The doll wouldn’t listen anymore to Mahiru, Its control system was destroyed. The doll flew high up in the sky along with Hibino. Utao, Kirio and Koushiro tried to stop it in order to free Hibino, but it wouldn’t work, the doll suddenly started using new attacks, making it very difficult to come close.

Kyouhei, our ladies man, jumped up and grabbed Mahiru’s doll in order to try and free Hibino. Meanwhile Kukuri, Utao’s doll, gets hit right in Its eye and plummets down towards the park. Kukuri’s control system might have gotten destroyed too, judging from where Kukuri got hit. Kyouhei is desperate, he realized that he couldn’t escape the village unless he did something about it. But Kyouhei, in a desperate attempt to free Hibino, slips and gets hit on the back of his head by Magatsuhi, Miharu’s doll. Kyouhei is about to lose consciousness as the episode comes to an end.

Great, just great. Now this is real amusement. I can’t wait for next week’s episode, which will be the final one. I think that Kyouhei will become able to control Kukuri and that Kukuri will come to Kyouhei’s aid. Not just that, I think Kyouhei is going to open Kukuri’s left arm and defeat Magatsuhi with it. Somehow I also think that this won’t be the end of Kamisama Dolls, I think a second season is a serious possibility, judging by the success.

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