Sep 28, 2011

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Kamisama Dolls episode 13

Nice! I liked this episode, even though the ending was pretty weird. But I liked the ending above all else, it shows that there will be more Kamisama Dolls in the future. I can’t wait!

This episode rocked. First and foremost; Kukuri completely annihilated Mahiru’s doll, which was very surprising, because Utao and Kukuri are a pretty new and inexperienced team. But Kukuri got damaged in the last episode, and I thought Kukuri was still going to safe Kyouhei. Instead Kukuri went on a rampage and pulled some new stuff out of its arsenal and defeated Magatsuhi, while Kyouhei and Hibino both got saved by Koushirou and his doll.

The death of Magatsuhi, Mahuri’s doll, pretty much put an end to all the conflict. Everyone now retreats and Kyouhei gets taken to the hospital, where he slept peacefully until he awoke screaming; “NOOO!! Hibino’s mine!” out of the blue. Everyone was shocked but not really surprised. Kyouhei retreats to the roof to think about what he said, but Hibino soon joins him. She told him that she didn’t like how he put it, that she was not anybody’s property, but despite that she was still very happy. Apparently she was so happy that she took a hold of Kyouhei and gave him one hell of a kiss. Finally! It’s about time their relationship progressed to a new level, too bad it only happened right at the very end.

I’m happy for Kyouhei, but his happiness won’t last long. Aki soon drops by to talk with Kyouhei, but the conversation between the two wasn’t that hostile at all, it was almost like there were good friends. But Aki’s news wasn’t all that good. It seems that the four-legged Kekkaishi that Kyouhei supposedly destroyed in the past, didn’t actually die. It somehow managed to regenerate and is now possession of the Hyuga’s elder, who is still looking for someone strong enough to control it.

I know there will be a second season, it’s so obvious when you look at how this all ended. I think that Kyouhei will regain his status as Kukuri’s seki, and that he will go after this four-legged monster with the help of Aki. Things are going to be a lot more interesting from now on.

  1. will there be more??

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