Apr 1, 2015

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Kamisama Kiss 2 episode 12

Well, you don’t have to be a so-called “anime-expert” to be able to put the pieces together. There is obviously going to be another season in the future. They didn’t end things at all. It’s more like a “to be continued” ending.

[Ohys-Raws] Kami-sama Hajimemashita 2 - 12 END (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_03.28_[2015.03.31_23.49.09]My back is killing me again and this cream I got isn’t working at all. So I am going to keep this short, which is something I was planning anyway. I mean, the only thing worth mentioning was Nanami’s past, which was something that I already did during my last post. There really isn’t much more to say about that to be very honest.

Yes, Tomoe finally admitted that he loves Nanami, so what? Would you really be happy to hear something you already knew? Nanami lived a harsh live for a girl her age and somehow managed to turn out alright. I wouldn’t mind getting to know her a bit more, but the season’s over. We’ll just have to wait until the next season.

Kamisama Kiss 2 episode 12 screencaps

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