Jul 4, 2013

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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

Hum… I can only describe this show as “okay”. The idea of having a loli grave keeper in a village of zombie-like people kind of puts me off. I’m not a big fan of morbid crap like that.

Kamisama no Inai NichiyoubiThe artwork is so-so at best. Ai, the aforementioned loli, really looks plain and indistinguishable from any other brown-haired loli. Those clothes and that shovel of hers are the only things that separate her a little bit from other loli. At least that other character, Hampnie I believe, seemed rather interesting.

I have no idea how I should describe this story though. It’s extremely morbid and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change. One might almost say that the story is overly dramatic and focusses too much on death.

This show has somewhat sparked my interest, and although the chances of me writing about this one are slim, I still think that your average fantasy and horror fan might come to enjoy this particular show. I suggest you give the first two episode a chance though, because the first episode alone might not do it for you.

Plot Summary: God abandoned the world on Sunday. As a result, nobody in the world can die or reproduce. A little girl, Ai, is the gravekeeper for a village. She has prepared 47 graves for the eventual deaths of every member of the village. Later, a boy who identifies himself as “Hampnie Hambart, the ‘Man-eating Toy’,” which is coincidentally the name that Ai’s mother left behind as the name of her father, arrives in the village and slaughters everybody. Just what is going on?

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