Jun 22, 2013

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Karneval episode 12

Is there something wrong with me? This episode didn’t excite me at all. There’s only one episode left but the ending still seems so far away. The episode was bursting with action and excitement, yet I couldn’t even give a damn. I’m just worried about the ending…

[Anime-Koi] Karneval - 12 [h264-720p][BD85E2B0].mkv_snapshot_05.00_[2013.06.21_22.37.22]It is really strange; everyone finally found Karoku, headed out to enemy territory and finally brought the fight to them. It was mayhem. People were dropping like flies and even Uro, quite possibly one of the biggest enemies that Circus has ever encountered, seemed to be a piece of cake. It looked like Tsukumo and Iva were in a pinch, even though they were teaming up on the guy, but even they were holding back because they needed him alive. Is the difference in power that great? I don’t know about the rest of the viewers, but that seems rather disappointing. I expecting one hell of a struggle to defeat them…

[Anime-Koi] Karneval - 12 [h264-720p][BD85E2B0].mkv_snapshot_16.25_[2013.06.21_22.38.10]It’s nice that they now know where Karoku is after all this time and all, but isn’t it a bit too ironic that they couldn’t even find him, despite knowing that he was supposed to be there? I thought the episode was primarily about finding the guy? It just seems to me that Circus is prioritizing their wishes over everybody else’s.

The ending still seems so far away, especially now that new problems keep surfacing. This maddening. Karneval, in my books at least, has been very average after the second episode. Had I known that it would turn out this way then I probably wouldn’t have written about it. I probably would’ve picked Valrave the Liberator instead. I’m getting really nervous here… Just find Karoku already, dammit! 

Karneval episode 12 screencaps

  1. They were building up for the season finale. The next season should shed a lot more light on that (it is only a matter of time.)

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