Apr 29, 2015

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Kekkai Sensen episode 04

I am running out of time and I am therefor forced to keep this post short and simple, which is a shame. This episode was quite interesting and filled with a lot of action. The story might actually have a purpose right now.

[Ohys-Raws] Kekkai Sensen - 04 (BS11 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_04.26_[2015.04.28_23.23.01]So Leonardo was using his eyes to their fullest in order to see what the hell was going on. It might cost him his vision if he keeps going like this, but at least he saw what needed to be seen; hundreds of vampires that could very end up taking over the world. It seems that nobody is prepared for any of that, especially since two of Klaus’ best men couldn’t even take down one without his help.

I mean, they thought there were only thirteen of them. Now it seems that there are close to a thousand of them. You cannot battle that kind of army with a small group of “special” people. But then it occurred to me that Leonardo can see the aura of “special” people. He could use that to track down people like them so that they can be recruited. I don’t see any other way for them to fight right now.

Kekkai Sensen episode 04 screencaps

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