Apr 10, 2015

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Kekkai Sensen

Hello, what do we have here? This was actually a lot more interesting than I initially thought. I read up on this show and thought that it was going to be one of those childish and predictable shows, but this is nothing like I had imagined.

Kekkai SensenThe artwork is really good. Bones, a studio that’s known for quite a lot of wonderful titles, has been doing a great job by the looks of it. I have seriously very few complains. The characters look great and the level of detail is very nice.

Truth is; I have very little complaints about the story as well. I think it’s a damn shame that Leonardo, that kid, seems physically weak, but other than that it’s actually pretty interesting. What a pleasant surprise!

I can definitely recommend this at this point. The first episode really surprised me. I’m already eagerly awaiting the second episode. I think this action and adventure-filled show will surely keep my entertained during these next few months.

Plot Summary: One day, New York City as we know it vanished overnight into a mysterious fog. Now known as Hellusalem Road, it has become a place where another world beyond imagining is connected to our reality. The balance within this new world is protected by a secret society known as Libra. Leo, a journalist and photographer who arrives in the city, is unexpectedly recruited to join their ranks.

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