Apr 4, 2014

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Not all that bad for an anime short. I am actually considering following this one. I don’t often do that with anime short. I think they’re a waste of my time, of Japan’s air time, of MB’s on my HDD and of traffic.

KeroroThe artwork is surprisingly bearable. Anime shorts are known for their budget artwork that make you want to gouge out your eyes. This was surprisingly easy on the eyes. I dare say it’s too bad that it’s only three minutes.

The story still sucks, though. What can you expect from an anime short? It’s only three minutes per episode… That’s not enough to build up a story. Thirty minutes consist of the ED and OP… So you basically have two and a half minutes worth of content.

In this case it’s a question of taste. Do you like to watch a pointless and short show about alien frogs that can talk with people? Most people wouldn’t, I’m sure. Just give the first episode a try.

Plot Summary: Keroro is a frog-like alien sent from his home planet on a mission to conquer Earth. But when his cover is blown, his battalion abandons him and he ends up in the home of the Hinata family. There, he’s forced to do household chores and sleep in a dark basement that was once supposedly a prison cell haunted by the ghost of an innocent girl. He even spends his free time assembling Gundam model kits. During his stay, Keroro meets up with subordinates who were also stranded during their failed invasion.

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