Apr 6, 2012

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Kimi to Boku 2

And so it returns… I think that Kimi to Boku’s second season has a bit of an advantage. It had a pretty large fanbase, but then again… It has to compete with the first season, which turned out to be quite the hit. Will this season be just as good, better or just an anti-climax? Only time will tell.

I’m really glad that the artwork is still as detailed as ever. You can pause to see how detailed it truly is. I think the characters are the key to this show’s success. It’s not just their personalities, but their design is absolutely superb, and I’ve always given this show credit for that.

Yes, the artwork is still as good as ever. However, the story isn’t far behind. Hell, it’s ahead if anything. Those scenes with Kaname’s mother will never get bored. Also, we mustn’t overlook the romance here. It’s a romantic-comedy after all.

I think that it started out pretty well. The first episode was very good, and it actually gives you high hopes for the rest. The only thing that bothered me a little bit is that the story hasn’t actually progressed that much since the first season, but maybe that’s just me? Anyway, I think this anime is worth watching. It has a lot of comedy that makes you laugh naturally, so none of that cheap stuff. The drama and romance are pretty good too, but not nearly as good as the comedy. I recommend that you try it, but only after watching the first season of Kimi to Boku!

Plot Summary: “No matter how many years go by, I’m sure we’ll still be laughing together.”

Twins Yuta and Yuki, Kaname, and Shun have been childhood friends since kindergarten. When transfer student Chizuru joins them, their five man school life becomes all the more lively. Through the changing seasons, the boys will find laughter, surprises, love, and new encounters waiting for them.

The second season of the boys growing a little every day of their invaluable daily lives is about to begin!

  1. Kimi to Boku was totally the best! I am so glad that this is back 😀

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