Dec 22, 2012

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King of Pirates game gets anime?

King of Pirates game gets anime?

The production company Marvelous AQL revealed at its Jump Festa booth this weekend that Kaio: King of Pirates, the upcoming Nintendo 3DS action game from Mega Man co-designer Keiji Inafune, has an anime project in the works. Marvelous AQL also revealed that both Saikyō Jump and V Jump magazine from Shueisha have Kaio: King of Pirates manga series green-lit. The game itself is scheduled for next year, although there was no playable demo at Jump Festa.

After leaving CAPCOM and founding the studio comcept, Inafune revealed the game last year.

Unlike many typical pirate stories, the game will add the atmosphere of the Chinese literary classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The story is as follows:

“Lucifer Coin” He whom finds it, rules the ocean. He becomes the “Kaio.”
Long time ago, there was a part of [the] ocean called “Tai Hei Yo.” [Japanese for the Pacific Ocean] A power so overwhelming changed the ocean into where no living thing could survive. It was called the “dark ocean.”

“Aves,” “Beasts,” and “Scales,” three different races, fight over to take controle of the ocean.

In the age of war… For the power to rule…

Now, sail out to the ocean of glory!

Marvelous AQL opened an English website for the game, but the site cautions that the game is only planned for Japan “as of Oct. 2011.” The site is streaming a trailer for the game:

In addition to working on the Rockman/Mega Man game franchise, Inafune produced the Onimusha and Dead Rising game franchises until he left CAPCOM in 2010. He is also involved in the upcoming PlayStation Vita game Soul Sacrifice.

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