Dec 3, 2011

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Kiss x Sis OVA 06

Hell yeah! I was waiting for this one for a long time now, it’s too bad that there aren’t any more of these OVA’s on a more regular basis. For me it’s not the sex appeal that does it, it’s the hilarious scenes between characters that make me want to keep watching.

This OVA might just be one of the best I’ve seen so far. It’s entirely about the health checkup at school, you know what that means; A Lot of (half) naked girls jumping up and down, and lots of horny teenage boys trying to peep and videotape them. Ah… It’s great being young. It’s such a shame that those things were forbidden during my school days.

That all being said, I just can’t figure out why Keita was against peeping, a normal boy would’ve killed a puppy to see something like that. Okay, maybe not a puppy, but definitely a hamster.  It’s ironically funny how his chivalry got him into a heap of trouble in the end.

There are two characters I just can’t come to terms with. First would be Miharu and her overall shyness. She does her very best to avoid Keita at all cost, but in the end those two always end up colliding and her urine, no matter how, ends up on or near Keita. This time she peed into a cup because of the health checkup, but Keita walked into her and her urine ended up on Keita’s head. You just have to wonder; does she have some kind of pee-fetish?

The second would be Yuuzuki, a teacher with quite the imagination, who always seems to think about Keita. She does everything within her power to keep Keita away from either Ako or Riko and, when given the chance, she fantasizes about Keita in a rather sexual way. The hell?

But the spotlight was, as expected, on Ako and Riko, who decided to be competitive about their results. The loser, also known as the one who weighs the most, wasn’t allowed to eat dinner that day. Those two went through all sorts of checkups together, but they ended up equally matched until it was time to measure their weight. Riko was the one, despite Ako’s efforts, who even got naked in order to weigh less, who came as the winner.

This OVA was absolutely hilarious, I recommend it strongly to all the fans out there! I just wish that they picked up another season of Kiss x Sis, because the DVD/Blu-Ray sales were pretty good.

  1. I am a total Kiss x Sis fan! I’ve been following the manga for months and I’ve seen the TV episodes like three times.

    Actually, there have been some rumors going around on several forums about more Kiss x Sis content in the near future. They’re still rumors though, nothing has been confirmed.

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