May 22, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 20

Not a bad episode, not bad at all. Kakeru was still going on about his older brother, Suguru, but at least he wasn’t going on about how he supposedly still lived inside of him due to the heart transplant. Not this time, he just remembered a few things that Suguru had taught him over the years.

We all know that Kakeru has been having problems with his gameplay. He has still filled with fear over what happened in the past, and that’s what’s holding him back the most. He’s constantly worried about hurting others that he keeps holding back without noticing. That’s when it happened; Kakeru finally let go of those thoughts and started paying like he’s supposed to. He remembered what his older brother once taught him and started playing accordingly. Now that’s game, he passed everyone like they were nothing. It may be strange to some to see him get so good all of a sudden, but you must keep in mind that he has always been that good. He just didn’t play like he was supposed to.

The ending was very close. Kakeru’s team was in the lead, but Hibino and his team had one last area kick left. For a second there it seemed like he was going to score, and they would have if it weren’t for that keeper. He was watching the ball very carefully and somehow managed to stop it by one hell of a slide. That just goes to show that every player on the field is equally important.

The ending was pretty strange though. I’m not talking about how Kakeru told Hibino about having his older brother’s heart inside of him, but over that scene with that Mayu. What was up with that? She was teasing him quite a bit. But more importantly; why the hell was he so nervous? I’m pretty confident that he already likes Nana, so this is turning into something really interesting.

The Knight in the Area episode 20 screencaps

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