Jul 12, 2012

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Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

I’m not sure what to think of this one. The beginning was very interesting, but it soon became a little dull after nothing interesting happened. Also, I think the censoring will become quite a pain in the ass. It’s a confusing start. I hope the next episode will clarify things.

The artwork is pretty decent. It’s not something that will make my day or anything like that. I think that the artwork would’ve been a lot better if they focussed a bit more on the characters. No special traits whatsoever. It’s almost like they just randomly picked these characters out of a box.

Anyway, it’s the story that kept me from dropping the first episode. It’s an interesting piece. It’s too bad that the story is being pulled back in quality due to the artwork. Also, I think it’s a bit of a dramatic and dark way to start a harem-romance anime.

I have no idea who to recommend this to. I suppose that harem fans will like this, although that censoring will probably only put them off. I simply suggest that you watch the first episode and see if it’s to your liking. I myself will give the second episode a try before making any rash decisions.

Plot Summary: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate follows the protagonist Yuuki Oojima, who attends Private Takafuji Academy, a large school with over 6,000 students. Yuuki is a member of the food research club, along with seven others, including his childhood friend Chisato Sumiyoshi. The members leisurely spend their time in the club not doing much activities. When the election of the next student council president comes up, the front runner Satsuki Shinonome proposes that clubs that have no merit should be sorted out and abolished. The food research club seeks advice from the current student council president Yakumo Mori, who suggests Yuuki run in the election as an opposing candidate. Yuuki learns about the issues facing the school and decides to run in the election.

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