Jul 13, 2012

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Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!

Oh what fresh hell is this? I’m not sure I like it. It seems as though all the hard and interesting work has already been done, which would be the conquering of young girls’ hearts. But no, that has pretty much been done. The protagonist just seems to flee from them instead. That’s just messed up.

The artwork is alright. It’s very nice to look at. However, I’ve only seen one character in the entire show that has a few unique traits. The rest just looks plain and boring. It’s that same old thing; young characters with cute voices where they tried to express the breasts better than anything else. So no, the artwork is nothing special.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t make things better. It’s basically another harem anime, which is usually to my liking. However, the work, as I said above, has already been done. Most (if not all) already like the protagonist. In fact, the guy seems to flee from them. I don’t like that. Maybe the story gets better, I don’t know.

I can’t really recommend this to anyone. I suppose die-hard harem fans will watch this no matter what, but regular viewers might not be as interested. It’s a matter of personal preference I guess. I just want to point out that I won’t expect to see this particular anime anywhere with top ratings.

Plot Summary: Abiding by his father’s will, Shougo was transferred into an academy where many young girls attend. It appears as though his younger sister (separated from him at birth) also attends this academy, and that she is trying to get closer to him without letting him know who she actually is. Problem is, Shougo seems to be popular with the other girls as well! Can Shougo “properly” reunite with his little sister and while making a girlfriend at the same time?!

  1. Dasström says:

    I watch it because it’s pretty entertaining. Yeah the most has already been done, but it’s not really about obtaining an harem as much as it is about a boy trying to prevent marrying his own sister.

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