May 4, 2012

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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead episode 05

Hmm, now this was a surprisingly amusing episode. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all good, but this one was a little bit different. It had a lot more gag-type comedy in it, and I actually enjoyed that, even though this week’s episode wasn’t all that ‘positive’.

The episode started out pretty harmlessly. Sera-chan was away with the rest of the vampire ninja’s, Haruna was her usual self and Eu-chan was still eating and drinking as time passed on. Yeah, pretty normal, until Eu-chan suddenly got sick because she ate too much, and I quote; “forbidden fruit”. I know, it sounds a little bit ridiculous, but you have to get passed that, I did.

So anyway, Eu-chan was sick throughout the entire episode. Ayumu and Haruna both felt responsible for her and did everything they could to help her. Ayumu panicked because it seemed like she was suffering, which is why he called Anderson to help him out. Seriously, that guy is the last person you’d want by your side when you’re sick. I do have to thank him though, for making Ayumu do that dance. That was absolutely the best.

Things didn’t seem to go right. Ayumu was doing ridiculous, perverted and pointless stuff because Anderson told him to, and he ended up hurt because Haruna-chan thought he was doing perverted things to Eu-chan. Now that isn’t anything new. That poor guy gets kicked around a lot by them. The thing that surprised me here is that those idiots actually managed to cure Eu-chan, although Haruna-chan ended up catching the common cold, which in turn led to Ayumu getting his ass kicked again by Seraphim. Seriously, they always catch that poor bastard at the worst possible moment.

It was quite the strange episode, indeed. But I think that things will start to change for the worse soon, now that his enemy is getting closer and closer. That was the reason for Sera-chan’s absence, to discuss this unknown enemy. One thing is certain, and that’s that Ayumu is once again standing in the middle of it all. He really is unfortunate, despite living in a house with three cute girls. Hell, even I would be willing to take a few punches to live in that house.

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