May 11, 2012

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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead episode 06

It arrived a bit late, but better late than never. I just didn’t have the energy to finish this post last night. I’m amazing I even managed to schedule Naruto Shippuuden in time. Still, this episode is well worth the effort, especially since it raised the bar again on ridiculous comedy.

Never have I seen the “I’ll be back” terminator line getting raped like this, and not nearly as many times in a timespan of twenty minutes. Oh, and nor did I ever imagine that it would come from a magical chainsaw called Mystletainn. But yeah, Ayumu and Haruna have their beloved chainsaw back. Poor guy thought it would help him improve his current situation, although I can’t see how. How can a transformation from average-looking dude to raging queen help him?

I know I just said that, but his potential girlfriend count keeps rising with each passing episode. How the hell does he keep doing that? He appears in that outfit and girls still keep falling in love with him. Almost makes me want to dress up like that and parade through town (keep in mind that I’m still half asleep here, so I say stupid things from time to time).

The real interesting bit was the introduction of a new character; some guy that couldn’t stop vomiting blood. Seriously, how do these guys come up with this? Freakin’ genius. He gave Ayumu this ‘special’ ring during their encounter, but never had I imagined that it would be used like that. This makes his life all the more complicated, and is sure to bite him in the ass later on. Isn’t that normal with everything he does? He tries to help someone and it only ends up backfiring on him. People would start to think that no good deed goes unpunished.

I’m sure we all know the cute and busty Yuki. Well, she has this insane defence mechanism when she passes out and whatnot. The only way to stop her from destroying herself and everything around her was to put that ring on her finger. That’s right, do you see the complication here? Ayumu put that ring on her finger, supressed that power and now he has to deal with an overly excited Yuki. You see, Yuki was under the impression that it was some kind of an engagement ring or something. This will make things so much more complicated for Ayumu. It’s really funny how life keeps kicking him in the face. I can’t wait till the next episode!

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