May 25, 2012

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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead episode 08

Now this was seriously messed up. I watched this episode and now I’m confused. What’s the point of reintroducing everyone’s favourite serial killer, Kyoko? There are only two episodes left, and yet Ayumu has to find a way to stop Chris from doing whatever it is she plans on doing, help EU-chan with her curse, and complete his harem.

What is one to do when he shares his room with a busty serial killer that has been locked up from the outside world for god only knows how long? Well, apparently, letting yourself get used, misled and stabbed is one of the options. Some may call Ayumu a worthless insect (we all know whom), but it turns out that he’s an excellent punching bag, so at least he’s good for something.

Ayumu came up with the idea to hold a mixer. Everyone came, including Kyoko and Ariel, which wasn’t all that surprising. They initiated this strange game where a ‘king’ gets appointed and tells two of his ‘pawns’ to do something strange. The ‘pawns’ have to do whatever it is the king asks of them. Yeah, how could that possibly go wrong…?

This all led to some alone time between Ayumu and Kyoko, where he got stabbed by Kyoko’s blade, the same blade that killed him as a human. Apparently Kyoko has this curse. A curse that will make people forget all about her. She was just afraid of being forgotten, which is why she came to Ayumu, hoping that he wouldn’t forget about her. I highly doubt that he ever will. You killed the guy, after which he was turned into a zombie by EU-chan, and now you’re actually stabbing him again? Unforgettable. At this point I only hope that the story will get a little bit more serious soon, because there are only two episodes left and I would love to see a proper ending to the story.

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