Jun 8, 2012

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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead episode 10

… Are you kidding me? You cannot seriously call this an ending. I have been waiting for weeks, wondering how they were going to end this thing. This was just horrible, absolutely horrible. There could only be one reasonable explanation for this, and that’s if there’s going to be yet another season, which I have heard nothing of yet.

Ayumu and the girls have been training, preparing and arguing amongst themselves for several episodes now. All of them were preparing (in their own ways) to face Chris and her monstrous powers. Did they face Chris though? No. Did they even actually train? No. They sat and played around with it all. The only exciting part of this episode was when Ayumu lost his memories and another personality took over his body. The only reason why that would excite anyone is because there may have been a possibility where he would’ve done something ecchi to one of the girls, but no…

Here’s another stinger; we got introduced to a new character; a busy redhead. She was supposedly at least as strong as Chris, being able to use all sorts of insane powers. Did she use any of them in the end? No. She only ended up drinking sake with Chris at some food stand. It stings people, it really stings. I had so many expectations of this anime, even though it’s just one big comedy.

I can only hope that we will hear more about this during the next few days. Maybe a third season or some OVA’s that would end things, but not like this… This was just stupid. This doesn’t say “goodbye”, this says “I’ll be back, soon”. For the love of god, please do not let me down.

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  1. Grössberg says:

    There’s bound to be a new season coming. Look at how it ended. It doesn’t take sherlock holmes to see how many clues this episode left. I think its safe to assume that we can expect a new season or at least a few ova.

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