Jan 11, 2016

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Koukaku no Pandora

I was kind hoping that this would end up to be quite something with it being a little ecchi and all. In the end I thought it was barely worth watching.

Koukaku no PandoraThe artwork is so-so. I don’t know which studio made this but I’m really not impressed so far. The greatest thing about the artwork is definitely the two main heroines, since they look rather cute, but the rest…

As for the story, well… I will admit that it seems a little interesting. I don’t know if it’s anything worth watching but it might get better. It might.

Ecchi fans will probably enjoy it. Or not. I don’t think it’s worthy of that genre since they’re robots. Nothing ecchi about a robot. I sure won’t be calling it a comedy since it really wasn’t that funny.

Plot Summary: When Nanakorobi Nene, a cybernetically enhanced girl-next-door, heads to the island metropolis of Cenancle to live with her aunt, she has no way of knowing what’s in store for her. A chance meeting intertwines her fate with that of the super-rich inventor, Uzal Delilah, and her adorable and grumpy companion, Clarion, who happens to be a cyborg just like Nene. Nene is thrilled to make a friend, but there’s more to Uzal and Clarion—and the island of Cenancle itself—than meets the eye. When a super-powered terrorist threatens Cenancle, Uzal claims that the only way to avert disaster is for Nene to team up with Clarion and use their combined powers—abilities Nene never even knew she had.

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