Oct 13, 2015

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Just how many anime shorts are there this season? A new one showed up today. It seems there are still one or two more on their way that we haven’t seen yet. What is the point of all those anime shorts? I am really curious…

KowabonThis one’s a bit different since they apparently created this show by using the rotoscoping method, which is, for as far as I can explain it, having a group of real actors and actresses play all scenes out in real life only so that the animators can then use that footage to recreate it as an animation. I’ll admit that it looks interesting.

The story, for as far as there is one, is not that great. It’s supposed to be scary but it’s not. It’s not at all scary. My little niece probably wouldn’t even find it scary.

I suppose it might be interesting to watch this just because of the way they’ve created this, but it certainly wouldn’t be for a nice scare. That probably won’t happen any time soon.

Plot Summary: There are cameras everywhere in the modern world, monitoring our lives 24/7. Those “eyes” have seen the world you do not know.

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