Jul 16, 2015

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Kurayami Santa

No. this may have been good back in the day before colour television was invented, but now it’s just an eyesore.

Kurayami SantaThe artwork just doesn’t hold a candle to today’s standard. Some people might enjoy the nostalgic sight of it, but I simply cannot appreciate it.

I am told that the story is quite amusing. It’s an anime short, so I seriously have my doubts about it. Something that was “good” in the early eighties may not be so good today.

I simply cannot recommend this. Your average anime fan will probably not appreciate this. Maybe an older generation of anime fans…

Plot Summary: Set in 1960s Kyushu, the story centers around Santa, a familiar from Hell who is charged with maintaining the border between Hell and the human world. Santa’s mission has him crossing paths with many humans and supernatural creatures.

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