Dec 15, 2013

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Kuroko no Basuke 2 episode 11

Kuroko no Basuke; predictable and enjoyable. A combination that I never thought possible. The strangest part about this episode is that I remembered reading all those news items about people threatening to ruin all those Kuroko no Basuke events by blowing stuff up and killing people. I find myself more confused than ever when it comes to that.

[HorribleSubs] Kuroko's Basketball 2 - 36 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.58_[2013.12.14_22.21.39]Anyway, spoiler alert! You could never have guessed this and you never say this coming. This is your final chance to look away. Are you ready? Okay. Here it is; Seirin won. That’s right, after all the foul methods their opponents used, the players they hurt and the morale they shared… Seirin still managed to shove their fists op their opponents’ asses in order to pull themselves to victory. Yeah… A rather dull and predictable episode deserves nothing more than a gay review. The only good scenes were the ones where Kuroko was acting cocky.

[HorribleSubs] Kuroko's Basketball 2 - 36 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.54_[2013.12.14_22.22.04]The future of Kuroko no Basuke has me a little bit worried. All of the members of the Generation of Miracles are going to the Winter Cup. Does that mean that we’re basically back to square one again? Will have to see Kuroko and Taiga play against all five teams again? The thought of watching Kuroko play against Shintarou and his team for the third time is kind of annoying me.

We’ll see what the future holds. Kuroko and his team won and are off to the Winter Cup, which is really all that matters right now. Kuroko will have plenty of chances to improve and show off his latest technique and his opponents will have plenty of chances to take that away from him. I will be looking forward to that.

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