Oct 8, 2013

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Kuroko no Basuke 2

Kuroko no Basket is finally back again, huh? It feels as though it never actually ended. Every two weeks or so I’d read about a Kuroko no Basket-related event being cancelled or moved because of threats from terrorists and whatnot.

Kuroko no Basket 2I still have no complaints about the artwork. The characters still look good, the surroundings look good and the attention to detail is still as great as ever. So yeah, no complaints here.

We’re going to continue the story, which is a story about an underdog and his tall friend. We will see how they will surpass everyone’s expectations and defeat the remaining few members of the Generation of Miracles.

I don’t think I have to recommend this. Everyone’s going to give it a chance anyway. There are very few anime fans that don’t know about this show thanks to the many, many Kuroko no Basket-related news items that have been published during the past few months.

Plot Summary: Tetsuya Kuroko is a former member from the legendary middle school basketball team known as “The Generation of Miracles”. Upon meeting Taiga Kagami he decides upon becoming his shadow to help him become Japan’s greatest basketball player.

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