May 21, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 07

You know, it just hit me. Kuroko no Basuke isn’t like most sports-genre anime. The story is going at a pretty fast pace. Normally they’d spend multiple episodes on a single match, but not with this. We’ve seen multiple matches during this week’s episode. I doubt that they will keep up the pace during next week’s episode though.

The story continues with Seirin’s match against that foreigner. Seriously, that guy is the only one worth noting, because the rest of his team is absolutely worthless. Taiga soon got the hang of it and started dominating that guy like no tomorrow. Maybe it’s just me, but has that guy been improving during his matches? He’s a bit faster, he jumps higher and he lost a tiny bit of that arrogance of his, but just a tiny bit though. He kept comparing that guy to Ryouta, one of the players from the Generation of Miracles, saying that he couldn’t possibly hold a candle to any one of those guys. Is that the start of a fresh ‘bromance’ I see coming?

Still, they really did keep winning match after match. Hell, they were domination the brackets with the way they were playing. They didn’t just win by a few points either. It seems that their opponents were “weak”, even though they’re the same schools they played before. It’s no surprise though, seeing as Seirin has a few new monsters to support the team in all of their endeavours.

I know I just said that, but their next few matches may just be impossible. They are playing against the three strongest schools next, two of which on the very same day. What’s up with that? How can a school play against to other schools during a tournament? That’s just wrong. This puts Seirin in a very, very tight spot. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Kuroko no Basuke episode 07 screencaps

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