Jan 14, 2015

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Kuroko no Basuke 3

Amazing! The third season arrived and nobody got killed because of it! I am getting really tired of those news items about (fat) fans and their pathetic death threats in order to ruin Kuroko no Basuke events and content.

Kuroko no Basuke 3The artwork is still the same. The characters look great, the level of detail is great and there is still nothing that I would change about that. Well done, Japan.

The story is also still the same. It’s continuing. A lot more matches have to be won by Seirin if they want to be able to call themselves the best.

I hate how they shoved so many recaps in the first episode. I absolutely hate it. Quite frankly, the first episode contributed very little. Only a nice little fighting scene at the end, but nothing more than that. And yet I still recommend it. It is fun to watch even though it can be pretty predictable sometimes.

Plot Summary: Kuroko and Kagami enter the Winter Cup together with the rest of the Seirin Basketball team where they will face off against the rest of the Generation of Miracles.

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