Apr 23, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 03

Alright! This week’s episode arrived early this week. I hope that they can keep it up! You know, this anime actually made me realize that I’m a pretty big sports-genre fan. I’ve seen a lot of sports related anime, and I actually loved most of them. My favourite sports anime is still Hajime no Ippo, definitely.

Anyway, the story continues as Kuroko and his team are about to play against Ryouta’s team. I don’t think that I need to point out how hyper Taiga is about the whole situation. Still, he needs to improve a lot more before he becomes a threat to them. I don’t think that that gives Ryouta an excuse to be so damn obnoxious though. Seriously, that guy is so freakishly pretentious. He is the type of guy that achieves things by acting. He puts on a mask and pretends to be someone he’s actually not. If history tells us anything than it would be that this type of character always fails in the end.

However, I did enjoy this week’s episode. I especially liked it when they told us more about the players’ weaknesses. It seems that Kuroko’s biggest weakness is time itself. He has the ability to draw a person’s attention elsewhere, and that it’s only effect at the beginning of the match. People become more aware of him as time passes. Ryouta’s biggest weakness is Kuroko. Perhaps that’s the reason why Ryouta wants him on his team so badly? That could seriously be it, because I doubt that Ryouta actually cares for Kuroko as a friend. He seems more like the type of person that would only do something if it benefited him in some way.

Oh, mustn’t forget about Taiga, a guy who’s fighting spirit might be bigger than life itself. Self-confidence is a great thing to have. But I believe that self-confidence is a double edged sword; it can boost your abilities, but it can also make you lose by overestimating your opponents. It is up the individual, I suppose, but I think that Taiga can pull it off.

That pretty much ends my post. I don’t think I have anything else to say about it. Well, maybe a little comment about Riko wouldn’t go amiss. I dislike her. I dislike her for one reason alone. She evaluates people by using numbers. She relies way too much on a person’s physicality and loses sight of what’s truly important; skill. It is a nice talent to have, but she needs to stop focussing so much on a person’s appearance.

Kuroko no Basuke episode 03 screencaps

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