May 14, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 06

Ahh~ Kuroko no Basuke never disappoints, does it? They always manage to squeeze in a little bit of action in every episode, although I would’ve thought that this entire episode would’ve revolved around their training. It’s all a little bit strange right now.

They started their training alright, but they showed us very little of it. The only actual part of training they showed was when the first years had to fetch the rest a few of the school cafeteria’s special sandwiches. It was mayhem because each and every student wanted one (or more) of those, resulting in a huge fight over who gets to go first. It’s not surprising that Kuroko was the only one to get those sandwiches. I guess that’s one of the many perks of being practically invisible. Imagine sharing your bed with someone who fades out like that.

Anyway, the match between them and their next opponent started already. I’m a little bit disappointed to see that their opponents had a foreign player; a humongous back guy. Seriously, what’s with all the stereotyping? It’s just his appearance that got to me, oh no. It was also that ridiculous voice. It’s like he was talking with his mouth full.

Seirin will have to put everything they learned out there if they want to beat this guy, especially with Taiga doing whatever he wants now. What an ego, that goes for him as well as that foreign player. I wonder how they are going to amuse us next week. It’s a given that Seirin will win, but how? I’m anxious to find out, because it seems that both Taiga and Tetsuya have something up their sleeves.

Kuroko no Basuke episode 06 screencaps

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