Jun 4, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 09

Well what do we have here? It’s finally starting to look like a real sports anime, one where you don’t see one (or more) basketball match(es) per episode. It still has a long way to go, but there are plenty of episodes left, so no worries there.

The story continues with their match, or should I say their struggle to stay in the match? It’s no joke, Seirin has to pull everything out of their closet to keep up with their opponents. Their opponents are constantly using martial arts-type of movements. It’s not just their defending either, because their offense is just as strong. Things soon changed though, when suddenly Seirin started pulling out rabbits out of their hat, scoring one point after point. It had gotten to a point during the match where Seirin had caught up with their opponents.

Things were really going well, but at some point they put Kuroko on the bench. That didn’t make much sense to me. No matter how you look at it, he was one of the key players during the match. His accurate passes and lack of presence were vital to catching up. So yeah, I can’t see the wisdom in putting him and Taiga on the bench, but alright.

The next episode should end the match, and I really want to know how it ends. I’m still standing firm behind my theory; that Kuroko and Taiga will carry their team to victory by displaying some of those tag team skills of theirs. It’s only a matter of time at this point. The messed up part is; this is still the easy part. They will have to play against the two other “kings” next, both of which on the same day at that. They sure have it tough.

Kuroko no Basuke episode 09 screencaps

  1. It’s not wise, they know it. It’s for pride, and they tell it in the episode. They don’t want to win because they have strongs juniors, they want to win with their own strenght.

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