Jun 11, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 10

Ha! I knew Kuroko would still play! You can’t take out the heart of the team. Let’s face facts here; it’s because of his awesome passes that the team was able to keep up with their opponents. And to think that he started out as one of the runts, how hilarious is that!?

Their match was rapidly coming to an end as Seirin started to get serious, including Kuroko. They had been studying their movies for a long time no, so they knew exactly what they were going to do. This allowed for them to make a huge comeback. I must say that I’m pretty impressed with Kuroko. So he can’t score, dunk of defend, who cares? His passes managed to turn the entire game around, especially during the end when he pulled out an awesome pass out of his magic hat, allowing his teammate to make the decisive throw. See? Kuroko is once again the key player in all of this, as is to be expected of him.

Their opponents were pretty shook up about their loss, but Seirin didn’t have much time to feel sorry for them. Their next match was only minutes away. And to make matters worse; they were up against a team with one of the players from the Generation of Miracles. Now that’s rough. However, it didn’t seem like Seirin is backing down. I only saw a bit of it, but I seriously liked what I saw. Seirin was pumped up and ready to haul ass. Frankly, I get the feeling that that’s not something I can say very often about Seirin. I for once have never seen them play so seriously before, maybe that’s why?

Anyway, at first it seemed like Shutoku was going to take the lead, but Kuroko and Taiga soon put a stop to that. Kuroko’s insane pass allowed for Taiga’s dunk, thereby tying the score once more. Kuroko really is an amusing character, that’s for sure. I have high hopes for Seirin this time. Kuroko is seriously, Taiga is seriously and the rest of the time is playing pretty well together as well. It’s time to beat yet another one of those basketball monsters!

Kuroko no Basuke episode 10 screencaps

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