Jul 16, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 15

Here it is! The beginning of the end! Ryouta and Shintarou have already been defeated. It’s now Daiki’s turn, and Seijuro and Atsushi are probably after that. Personally, I’m dying to see the match against Seijuro. That guy looks freakishly cool.

The episode basically was building up to the match between Tetsuya, Taiga and Daiki. It showed us how Daiki turned into such an arrogant show-off.  It showed us how he and Tetsuya used to play together. And it showed me how uninteresting that guy is. Come on, getting a huge ego boost just because you can beat Japanese high school teams is nothing to brag about. Come back when you beat professional teams in America.

Anyway, the relationship between Daiki and his current team isn’t that great either. They are getting fed up with him. He doesn’t train, he doesn’t listen and he doesn’t even show up at matches like he’s supposed to. No amount of skill can make up for being a douche.

Seirin has a real chance here. Daiki isn’t there yet to play against them, so the field is Daiki-free until the second half. Seirin, if possible, needs to take advantage of the situation to rake in as many points as they possibly can. Mind you, it looks incredibly bad for them. It seems that their opponents are plenty strong, even without Daiki there to help them. Makes you wonder about the result. Taiga and Tetsuya are probably going to pull off a few more sick moves in order to carry their team to victory, as usual. This time I won’t get overexcited. Not after last week’s disappointing ball ‘punching’ pass.

Kuroko no Basuke episode 15 screencaps

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