Jul 23, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 16

Here we go again. The basketball fest continues as things are getting harder and harder. Who would’ve known that things would go this way? Makes you wonder if they are going to change the tide again by making one (or more) of the characters bust out with a new move or something.

The match between Gakuen en Seirin kept getting tougher and tougher. Seirin was having so much difficult in their match again Gakuen, even though Daiki hadn’t arrived yet. They just couldn’t get through. Gakuen was constantly on the offensive, so their ball possession was pretty high. The only thing Seirin could do was wait it out, get the ball and score if you get the chance. Try as they might, that was their only choice. They were having a hard time just trying to keep up, but things soon started looking bad when they couldn’t even tie the score.

They were having a really hard time. Satsuki, Tetsuya’s loyal admirer really thought things through. She knew almost all of their tactics, their next movies and their thought patterns. She had predicted almost all of their plays. The only thing she couldn’t predict was Tetsuya, the unpredictable shadow. I guess that means that most plays will once again revolve around Tetsuya.

The next episode will be very decisive. Daiki has finally arrived and is about to enter the field. How will Taiga handle him with his bad leg? That’s the question I’m constantly asking myself. He has a hard time jumping, so his offensive power may be halved when compared to normal. Can he really take down Daiki like this? We’ll see…

Kuroko no Basuke episode 16 screencaps

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