Jul 30, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 17

Great episode! It’s been a long time since I last said that about Kuroko no Basuke. Is that good? Bad? I don’t know. I do know that I loved this episode. There’s one thing that troubles me though. The match is almost over (one quarter left) and there’s a huge gap in scores, so I honestly don’t see how Seirin is going to recover from this, especially since Daiki just joined in. I seriously hope that they won’t rush things by making it all seem to easy all of a sudden.

The match between Seirin and Gakuen continued as Seirin was struggling to keep up. That was difficult enough when Daiki wasn’t around, but it became nearly impossible when he started playing as well. He’s very agile and tricky, making it very hard for other players to keep up with his movements. That is probably why all his previous opponents gave up.

I know I just said that, but it doesn’t change the fact that Taiga managed to keep up somehow. Hell, even managed to block Daiki several times. That probably opened the floodgates for Daiki, causing him to play even better. Basically, we now have one player that’s trying desperately to keep up and another that’s becoming interested in the other after he saw what he was capable of.

It’s all a bit complicated right now. Taiga is still trying to find his style, Daiki is still being that same old douche and Tetsuya has been put on the bench. I honestly don’t see how Seirin is going to recover from this. The gap in scores is too wide, that and the fact that Daiki is about to open up a can of whoop-ass on them. Perhaps Taiga is going to jump higher than over, I don’t know. I doubt that jumping power alone will be enough to defeat Gakuen, and that is also why I think it’s strange that their cute couch put Tetsuya on the bench. Only way to find out what happens next is to wait for next week, right?

Kuroko no Basuke episode 17 screencaps

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