Aug 20, 2012

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Kuroko no Basuke episode 20

Well, this episode confirmed one thing. I watched this episode, episode twenty, very carefully, and I came to the conclusion that there will be a next season. Two other members from the Generation of Miracles still haven’t been introduced, Seirin is about to start their next tournament and Tetsuya is about to change his entire basketball style. All of this in just five episode? Absolutely no. A second season will be forthcoming, I’m sure of that.

Teppei has joined the basketball team again. He didn’t waste any time either, as he put his little plan in motion. He tried to figure Taiga out by playing a one-on-one, put all the first years on the field against another team and thought about how to make Tetsuya realize that his currently basketball style isn’t right for him. I hate to say it, but I think that Teppei may have done more in one episode than Riko in nineteen. Perhaps it only looks that way, but that would be pretty harsh on Riko. She has devoted herself to this team. It would be pretty harsh if it turned out that her work was for nothing.

I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a lot more from Kuroko no Basuke. Tetsuya is going to work on his style, Taiga is going to work on his style, Teppei is going to work on the team in general and god only knows what the former Generation of Miracles is going to do right now. I for one will be looking forward to see how Tetsuya will improve his style.

Finally, I would like to focus a bit more on the possibility of a second season. Hell, it’s no longer a possibility. The story is far from finished, the ratings are through the roof and there have been several news items that suggested that more Kuroko no Basuke contact will be forthcoming. It thought they were talking about an OVA or two at first, but now it’s starting to become clear. We can definitely expect a second season.

Kuroko no Basuke episode 20 screencaps

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