Aug 2, 2012

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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 2 episodes 03 & 04

Okay, here goes nothing. I was worried at first. The story seemed to be going nowhere. Characters were fighting without a cause, Toori was naked for four whole episodes and there was no sign of a story. The characters just went with it, so it soon became a bit boring.

I liked it when Tenzou, everyone’s favourite ninja-wannabe, finally got himself a sort-of girlfriend. The two met under the strangest of circumstances, so the ‘spark’ may or may not have been there. The comedy is definitely there. That girl dresses and acts like a guy, so everyone started to think that Tenzou was gay. That was pretty funny.

At this point there still was no sign of a story. The season, in my humble opinion, started at episode four. The story became clear and all the characters suddenly had a reason to fight, which is something everyone needs, especially now that they’re about to start yet another fight.

The story focusses on Horizon once again. We all know her, a character that doesn’t show emotion, mainly because she has none. That’s what this season will focus on. Everyone wants to restore Horizon’s emotions by collection all the Deadly Sin Armaments. However, Horizon doesn’t want any of her emotions back if it means that her friends will get hurt in the process. It’s all very complicated, I know, but the story as finally begun! It’s been four weeks and we have finally caught a glimpse of a good story, and I know for a fact that that’s what many people have been waiting for.

Next week’s episode should simplify things a bit. Toori and his friends took off to retrieve those Armaments for Horizon’s sake, after which they almost immediately encountered new foes. Next week’s episode is bound to be filled with a lot of action, comedy and maybe even a slight hint of drama.

I would like to end this post by saying one final thing; I almost dropped this anime. I would’ve definitely dropped it if it weren’t for this week’s episode. That being said, I do think that this anime has quite a lot of potential, providing that the protagonist doesn’t constantly take off his clothes during almost every episode. We’ll just have to see what happens.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 2 episodes 03 & 04 screencaps

  1. borabora5524 says:

    I could already tell what it was about. Even before that whole Horizon thing..

  2. Don’t be ridiculous. The real story started an episode later.

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