Nov 6, 2011

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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon episode 06

Oops, I think I forgot to write something about last week’s episode. Sorry about that, I’ve been very busy lately. It’s getting late now too, I was waiting for this week’s Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou episode but it still hasn’t arrived yet, that’s odd, it should’ve been here by now.

Right now there’s some sort of war going on. My guess is that whoever has Horizon has also the best chance of winning.  There’s something special about Horizon, and I don’t mean that in the traditional sense of the word. During my wait for the new Nurarihyon episode I’ve been thinking up all sorts of scenarios involving Horizon, each one more ridiculous than the next.  Frankly; I hope I’m wrong about all of them.

Toori has been down ever since Horizon vanished from his life. He has been gloomy all over the place, sulking in class all day and his classmates finally decided to do something about it. They wrote some sort of essay about what should happen from thereon out. It took the shyest girl of them all to finally break through to him. Toori was revived, especially after having a go at hear little breasts. He actually wanted to fondle them again, and he would have if his other classmates kept quiet.

What’s more confusing is that little conflict involving Muneshige, who had gotten hurt during the last episode, and that rare weapon. He gave it back after she, for some reason, charged at him. She has the weapon now, does that mean that there’s a temporary truce going on between the two nations? It’s all very confusing.

What confused me most of all is that Toori and his class actually plan on participating in the upcoming conflict. They are going to need a vast amount of money to accomplish their little plan. My question is; what can one class of students do when it comes to international conflict? And how strong is Toori? I have never seen him fight once, I’ve only seen him mess around with people. He is the class president, so that must mean he has some strength. After all; the stronger you are in this world, the more important you are, and that will reflect upon one’s function.

  1. JustAnotherVillain says:

    Well, you don’t understand the setting.
    Actualy your question already answered on the start of the show.

    “Academy students serve as representatives for countries around the world (basiccaly they are politician).

    Since various countries rule the Far East (because they lost the war), the Testament Union wanted our representative to be someone easy to handle.

    That’s Aoi Toori.”

    (Oriotorai Sensei, episode 01)

    So, Toori isn’t strong at all. He is just an idiot.
    That’s why he was called “impossible”. Because he’s impossible to fight back.

    My question: Do you “want” to understand the story? Maybe I can help.

    • That’s very possible, yeah..

      I, unfortunately, didn’t get to enjoy the first episode. It was released by subgroup “HorribleSubs” and the subtitles didn’t work as expected. I only got to see subtitles from 04:30 tot 7:30 (I only had subs for roughly 3 minutes, the rest was raw)

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