Nov 15, 2011

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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon episode 07

Yet another week later with yet another new episode of Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon. I’m glad that someone took time out of his/her life to explain the situation to me, if ‘JustAnotherVillain’ hadn’t commented on my previous Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon post, I’d probably still be wondering what was going on. Goes to show how important the first episode is. I for one couldn’t enjoy it, as the first episode’s subtitles, released by “HorribleSubs”, were incomplete. The episode only had about three minutes worth of subtitles in it, making it difficult for me to follow the story.

I just finished watching this episode and I have to say that a lot things make sense now. I also opened my eyes and saw how weak Toori is. It’s strange how mere students can represent nations, especially since they have the ability, from what I understood, to start a war as well as keep the peace. We all know Toori, the class comedian and also their class president. I don’t think he’s as weak as he makes himself out to be, all of his matchups have been going according to plan, which would be a clear sign of a great tactician. There’s more to power than just physical strength, after all; the brain is the body’s most powerful tool. So I’ll ask again, despite his nonexistent physical strength, just how strong is Toori really? I refuse to believe that someone that weak could have that many people following him.

What troubles me is that nobody is going after Innocentius. I know that he’s very powerful all over the globe, but that shouldn’t stop people from doing what they need to do. I know that I’m still putting the pieces together, but I’m sure you can all agree that it’s strange. He claims to have no interest in any of the students, he claims that it will all go according to his plan, despite all the choices the students make. But he looked very surprised when Toori said that it was pointless to go and rescue Horizon. Like I said; I’m pretty confident that the winning side is whoever has Horizon in their possession.

  1. JustAnotherVillain says:

    I’m glad, it looks like you like this show better.
    I didn’t watch this episode yet, still waiting the TAN sub.

    Actually the first episode isn’t that important, basically it just characters introduction.
    The most notable infodump in the first episode:
    -Far East Musashi is under the Testament Union control.
    -For the purpose of recreating history, academy students serve as representatives for countries around the world.
    -The TU wanted Musashi’s representative as someone easy to handle, that’s Aoi Toori.
    -All of the Divine States originally belong to the Far East, but now they must bow down to other countries.
    -Other countries don’t have an age limit for their student, but they must graduate by age 18. Anyone older is prohibited from government or military affairs
    -The airship city Musashi is almost arrive at Mikawa. Principal Sakai said he was invited by his old friends. Captain Musashi-san said Mikawa is currently in turnmoil.
    -Toori said to his classmates that he will confess to Horizon. But his sister said Horizon already died 10 years ago at the road that Toori hate, Remorse Way.

  2. I agree that this anime is, in itself, very weird. But most of them are, isn’t that what makes most of them so popular?

  3. I think the first episode is actually very important. It teaches the viewers about what kind of anime it is, and perhaps what it’ll become. First impressions are important. 🙂

  4. JustAnotherVillain says:

    For those who “want” to understand the story.
    -read , the “Introduction” part.
    -read ,especially glossary and character profiles pages.
    -watch good subs (I recommend Commie) and pay attention to the dialogues, because most of its contain important information.

  5. Oppai-Sensei says:

    I don’t like these type of anime. Sometimes it feels like you need to study the characters if you want to follow the story. I just like to enjoy anime without all those headaches.

  6. JustAnotherVillain says:

    I’ve watched this episode.

    Toori is not just an idiot but a genius as well (there’s not much difference anyway).
    He know his friends ability and personality very well. Sign of good leader!
    Maybe he has other ability as well, but don’t let your hope up… because he will troll at the end as usual.

    Nobody after the Pope because there’s still the difference of opinion in Musashi.
    The academy want to fight the TU, but the council didn’t want to because it will endanger Far East and they don’t believe that Musashi have chance to win.

    The Pope didn’t interested because he will profit from either outcome.
    “If the vice president siding with the council wins, Musashi along with everything else will be ours.
    If the Academy wins, we will go to war with Musashi and take everything.
    But he underestimated Toori, I believe he will be “oh, crap!”-ed at the end.

    I love how they think thoroughly for their actions and consequences.
    I don’t like how most manga/anime nowadays just blindly charge to the enemy base and somehow with the power of friendship/love they can defeat that said more powerful enemy.

    Yup, Horizon is one of Armor of Deadly Sins that capable of flattening entire cities.
    And as the core, “probably” she is the most powerful of them all.

    And now… what will Masazumi do?
    Because we know that actually she want to save Horizon.
    I can’t wait for the next episode! >_<

    P.S. Sorry for the long comments.

    • That’s what i’ve been saying. I completely disagree with your comment in the previous post about “Toori isn’t strong, he’s weak, more like impossible.”

      I agree that his physical strength is worthless, but brainpower is the best sort of power, in my opinion. 🙂

      • JustAnotherVillain says:

        That’s the point.
        We don’t know for sure is Toori really just an idiot? A genius that hides it pretty well? Or maybe both?

        I “guess” he’s not the smartest one in the class, Neshinbara (glasses boy) is.
        But, Toori has the leadership quality.

        Well, I’m just the anime viewer, so what I can is just guessing.
        For now that I can say is… Toori is an interesting and likeable main character.

  7. Watched this ep today too

    I wouldnt call toori a leader, but he’s definitely smart!

  8. Does anyone else think we should see him in some fights, cause i think he has strong powers (well some at least, hoping they’re strong) from the introduction, but he hasn’t showed anything yet.

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